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Info about labor rates:

We are often asked what our labor rate is. Our labor rate is $80 an hour. But donít let labor rate be the only reason to pick a shop. Would you rather pay a shop with minimal equipment and lack of information $65 an hour? Example would you pay for 4 hours @ $65 a hour or 2 hours @ $80 a hour. Having the right equipment and proper information will reduce the time it takes to fix your car, saving you money.

Todayís cars have multiple computers that are networked together. If you check engine light is on a global scanner, the same kind your local parts store uses will give you basic information. That information is not nearly enough to make a proper diagnosis. There is also a VIN specific side that more expensive scanners use. That information is then used to point a technician in a direction. The same VIN specific scanner has PID graphing to monitor sensors. Your technician then checks to see if the computer is seeing the correct information from its sensors. If a sensor is out of range the technician switches from PID graphing to an oscilloscope. The oscilloscope will help determine if the voltage to a sensor, the sensor itself or some other mechanical problem is the cause. Voltage drops contribute to a high percentage of check engine lights. Cheap scanners contribute to high priced auto repair.

We are confident we can fix your problem, which is why we guarantee our diagnosis. If we don't diagnose your car correct you donít pay. Try that at any other shop.






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